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Diana Panton - To Brazil With Love (2011)

Исполнитель: Diana Panton
Альбом: To Brazil With Love
Год выпуска: 2011
Размер: 108 MB
Качество: VBR kbps
Жанр: Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Bossa


01. Samba Saravah 4:00
02. This Happy Madness 4:05
03. The Telephone Song 1:55
04. Manha de Carnaval 5:23
05. So Nice 3:29
06. Is It Really You? 4:21
07. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes 4:00
08. Daus Mon Ile 5:28
09. Felicidade 4:41
10. Tu Sais Je Vais T'aimen 4:21
11. Dreamer 3:41
12. And I Love Him 4:44
13. Fuis Comme L'Oiseau 4:40
14. Que Reste Toil de Nos Amours? 6:52

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